If you need help with a registration or don’t understand something, please join the #domirc channel.
You will certainly find the network staff and kind volunteers to help you.

Registering an account

Registering an account allows you to keep one or more nicks.
It prevents other people to use them (if enforced) or steal them from you.
It will also allow you to register a channel in order to manage it.

To register a nickname, you will need to type the following command in your IRC client:

/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>

Replace <password> with your own secret password and <email> by a valid email address.

You will receive an email containing a NickServ command to validate your account.
Just copy & paste it in your IRC client and that’s all, your nick is now registered!

To login, you will need to configure SASL or type the following command each time you connect to the network:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

Of course, replace <password> with the password you used to register.
If you are not using your registered nickname, please specify it before the password.

To group another nickname to your account, take it then use the following command:

/msg NickServ GROUP

You must be connected to your account for this command to work.

For more information about NickServ’s commands:

/msg NickServ HELP

Registering a channel

Before registering any channel, you must have registered your nickname (see registering an account).
Trying to register a channel without being identified to services with a valid account will fail.

Domain name channels

In order to register a channel matching your domain name (e.g. #domain.tld) you have to set a TXT record for the domain with the value DomIRC <nick> [nick2 [nick3…]] (case insensitive) on the domain root or any subdomain you wish to register on the network.
You will need to replace <nick> with the account name you use on DomIRC in order to prove your domain name ownership.
If you’re not able to add a TXT DNS record on your domain root, put @ in the subdomain field.

Example: Someone wants to register a domain name channel, but they may want to let their friend Somebody register it as they are not available right now. The TXT record to add is DomIRC Someone Somebody with the case you want as the system is case-insensitive.

Once you have set the proper TXT record, you must register your channel with ChanServ.
Services will then try to confirm your ownership. You may need to wait for the DNS record to be propagated.

If your account name doesn’t match any name in the TXT record or if the record is badly formatted, channel registration will fail.
We advise you to remove the TXT record once your channels are all registered in order to prevent channel theft if your account is dropped. You may register any related sub-channel (e.g. #domain.tld/staff) as well, the DNS check will be performed every time.

Group channels

Group channels begin by a single sharp and do not match the syntax of a domain name (e.g. #group).
To register such a channel, you must already have registered at least one domain name channel related to your group.
Registrations of those channels are processed on a case-by-case basis at staff discretion.

Example: Blackfields Network is an organization, they registered the channel.
As their official acronym is BFNT, they have been able to register the #bfnt channel.

Please note that those channels require a manual approval by the network staff, who will approve them at their sole discretion. Once you have a group channel registered to your name, you may register any additionnal channel whose name begins by the primary channel name’s followed by a dash (e.g. #group-dev), it will check your foundership status of the said primary channel.

Topical channels

Any channel whose name begins by at least two sharp (e.g. ##channel) can be registered without any restriction.

How to register

To register a channel, you just have to type the following command in your IRC client:

/msg ChanServ REGISTER <channel>

Replace <channel> with the name of the channel you wish to register.
In the case of a topical channel, will need to be an operator in the said channel.
When you are allowed to register a channel, you are granted its foundership.
You may register multiple channels under the same nickname.

For more information about ChanServ’s commands:

/msg ChanServ HELP