On this page, you will find more detailed information about the parent organization, the network staff,
the network sponsors, the registered group channels, the registered providers and
the contributors who helped with the network’s custom developments.

Parent Organization

The DomIRC’s parent organization is Blackfields Network.
It is a french non-profit organization registered under the identifier W832014133.
Organization membership is mandatory for our operators, but not restricted to them.

Network Staff

Here is a list of volunteers and bots in charge of the network.
Please note that helpers do not have the operator status nor operator privileges.
If you need any help, please ask in #domirc instead of messaging them directly.
You can also use the /msg HelpServ help request command.


Xenthys (Dylan Ysmal) - System Administrator
Zoddo (Yohan Prod’homme) - Network Operator
tacocat (James Lu) - IRC Operator


There is no helper (yet).

If no helper is available, please refer to an operator instead.


Sigyn (domirc/utility-bot/sigyn) - Network Bot

Network Sponsors

The network sponsors are people or organizations contributing to the network by
freely lending one or more servers in order to host some parts of our infrastructure.

As DomIRC is centrally managed by its parent organization, this is the only way to
sponsorise the network as we must have the control over every server (root access required).
Linking a server to DomIRC is therefore not possible, as we even use our own IRCd fork.

If you want to become a network sponsor, please get in touch with the network staff,
they will tell you about our policies and procedures, or redirect you to the right place.

Registered Group Channels

The channels are listed by alphabetical order.

#bfnt - Blackfields Network (BFNT), the parent organization of DomIRC.
#domirc - The DomIRC network itself, general support channel.
#elitebnc - EliteBNC is a registered IRC bouncer provider.
#idlerpg - Our IdleRPG channel, managed by the network staff.
#superbnc - SuperBNC is a registered IRC bouncer provider.
#techcavern - TechCavern is a FOSS organization, sponsored by BFNT.

Registered Providers

The registered providers are people or organizations providing some services
such as a webchat, an IRC bouncer, shell accounts or a VPN (examples).

They are given an extended connection limit and a gateway cloak is applied on their IPs.

If you want to become a registered provider, please get in touch with the network staff,
they will tell you about our policies and procedures, or redirect you to the right place.


DomIRC Development Team - For the ACK Service, and basically any custom development not cited below.
Charybdis IRCd Team (Website / GitHub) - For Charybdis, the awesome base of our server software.
Atheme Team (Website / GitHub) - For Atheme, the network services we are using everyday.
freenode (Website / GitHub) - For Sigyn and the custom cs_access and cs_successor Atheme modules.
s0r00t (Website / GitHub) - For the DNS check in the custom cs_moderate Atheme module.