Welcome to DomIRC’s website!

What is DomIRC?

DomIRC is an IRC network for all domain name owners and their communities.
It’s to be used as a means to easily contact webmasters and talk with people visiting the same websites.

We break the “first arrived, first served” principle of IRC channels, so you can register a domain name channel only if you are its owner, control the DNS zone, or have been allowed by the owner to register it through a valid TXT record.

When a channel is not registered, it just means no one owns it (yet). You are entirely allowed to use unregistered channels, the only difference with registered ones is that nobody has channel operator privileges there, which means any incident must be reported to the network staff itself, who will most likely tell you to use /ignore or convince the domain name owner to come and register his channel.

How to connect?

We have a webchat to connect immediately without the need to download anything.

You can also click here if you already have an IRC client on your device.
If you don’t, we recommend HexChat as it is nice, user-friendly, and multiplatform.

If you prefer to connect manually, use irc.domirc.net, port 6697 (SSL) or 6667 (plain).
Our alternative ports are 9697 (SSL) and 9667 (plain), in case your firewall forbids the main ones.
We also offer IPv4-only and IPv6-only round-robin addresses, just use irc4 or irc6 instead of irc.

How to use the network?

Need help registering your nickname or your channel? We have a registration page to answer all of your questions.
If you want to get a vHost, please read our cloaks page as well to know how they work on DomIRC.

You can join the #domirc channel for any network-related question or query, our staff and users will be happy to assist you.

Who is behind DomIRC?

DomIRC is endorsed by Blackfields Network, a registered non-profit organization.
Staff members are volunteers, which means they give some of their time to maintain the network.

If you want to help us, please read about the network sponsors for more information.

This website is on GitHub, feel free to contribute!